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Evelyn J Andrews-Greene, CPA, BA (Psych)    "Helping You Turn YOUR Dreams Into Reality"


I love people and community and believe deeply in helping them to maximize their personal potential. This plays a significant role in both my business and personal affairs - and thus my professional firm's motto "Helping You Turn YOUR Dreams Into Reality".

I am the owner of Andrews-Greene CPA, through my incorporated professional company. I have held my Chartered Accountant designation for nearly forty years and have enjoyed a diverse range of professional careers.

I have been a self-employed professional within our local Greater Victoria area for twenty-seven years and have worked professionally within our beautiful local Coast Salish First Nation territory for nearly forty years. I articled in Saskatoon 5askaTchewan with the international Chartered Accounting firm of Touche Ross (now Deloittes Touche) and have been a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants since 1976. I worked in senior management within the Province of British Columbia for eleven years, the last five years as Executive Financial Officer at Tourism BC. My undergraduate degree is a BA in Psychology, with my earlier career including Three years in the Social Services field.

I suspect my immediate family members had a dramatic impact on who I am and what I do, enhanced no doubt by growing up during the Tommy Douglas (free health care for all) era in Saskatchewan (Plains Cree First Nation Territory). My Great Grandmother Sarah Andrews lived an independent and active life on her own for several decades including during the 1940s. My especially-close maternal grandfather (Phillip Andrews) was a small Town hardware and grocery shop owner and my paternal grandfather was a hunter and Trapper ("Evie" Wilson): one instilled in me a Thoughtful and deep perspective of community, while the other gave me the diversity and fun-loving view of "life". Thankfully, my Dad (Tom Wilson) survived the Juno Beach invasion during World War II and I was born a few years later. Along with my four Grandparents and my Mum and Dad (a deeply motivated community leadership Team), these family members taught me that nearly "anything is possible" - and that a positive impact is possible, even from very small activities.

I am a "go getter" and very active within our Greater Victoria community. Current volunteer/ support includes: Bridges Employment Training Society for Women (for women from abusive pasts), Kwunew Kwasun Cultural Resource Centre (Malahat First Nation), and Greenpeace. Past volunteer directorships include: Big Brothers and Sisters Association, Oak Bay Village Business Association, School of Business at University of Victoria, Victoria AM (local Tourism association), Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association (and numerous international Tours), and VW-YMCA. I am a founding member of the Vancouver Island Junior Field Hockey and Women's Business Network and a sustaining member of Victoria Flying Club.

My professional firm has won the annual Vancouver Island Professional Company Business Excellence Award in four separate years and the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellent Award (Education in the Work Force). In addition, I am one of several women recognized in the Vancouver Island Women's Business Network’s 2006 Celebrated Women in Business for our leadership, mentoring and support of local women business owners. In 1988, I received the Comptroller-General’s Award for Outstanding Service in Financial Management within the Province of British Columbia.

Thirty-three years ago, I started flying as a private pilot and have flown many Times through all of the western provinces and states of North America. I remain a sustaining member of the Victoria Flying Club. During the two decades of 1980s and 1990s, I was very active within field hockey locally and captained several international "Golden Oldies" Tours To Australia, England, Fiji (winner of Fellowship Trophy out of 85 international Teams - 1991), and Hong Kong.

I am an avid-but-layman musician, with the occasional "jam" in my personally-renovated music studio/kitchen at my long-owned North Saanich home overlooking James Island ("Loch Haven"). I play accordion synthesizer and bass guitar primarily, although also percussion and saxophone in my earlier years. I enjoy many outdoor activities (kayaking, hiking, gardening, etc.), all types of dancing and small home renovation projects.

Shortly after my father passed away in 1992, my then-husband and I separated after nearly 25 years together. At that time, I formally changed my personal name to Evelyn J Andrews-Greene, although I also continue to be well known locally as Evelyn J Andrews and Evelyn J Greene.

On a personal level, like Dr. Martin Luther King, I have a Dream… of peace and freedom… and shelter, food, water, and spiritual health for every one… and love and protection for Mother Earth and her inhabitants. And, as I would like to support my Dream from the groundedness and spirituality of an aboriginal perspective, I occasionally refer to the Cree name "Mistahi'masqua" (Big Bear).