Andrews-Greene Chartered Professional Accountant

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Small Business Services and Strategies

Our small business owner/manager services include:

  • Tax planning strategies and returns
  • Business startup and expansion
  • Purchase or sale of a business
  • Financing options and considerations
  • Financial management and business operations
  • Crisis management and problem resolution
  • Business advice in wide range of business issues
  • Profit plans and business plans

We frequently advise on tax planning strategies and considerations, whether it is wise to incorporate or not, review financial and emotional merits of partnerships, help set up practical bookkeeping systems and even suggest negotiation strategies.

We can discuss the merit of a new business idea, provide information on a wide range of resources, help define the ideal customer, assist with an initial business plan and financial forecast and point out sources of debt and equity financing.

We can help you decide what a business is worth and work out a negotiating strategy for buying or selling. Not only do we "go over the numbers", we know the value of role-playing to fully prepare a client to present or receive an offer... be it with your banker, a buyer/seller, a potential landlord etc.

We can explore and advise on various means of business expansions, including franchising or "buy ins". We can assist with the tax and business implications of leases, landlord or supplier issues, new share offerings, and the ever-present issue of financing